Project Plan


Install Emergency Communications radio system improvements for reliable radio communications to all Fire, EMS and Police first responder agencies in Okanogan County.  Prevent system failures and improve system CAPACITY, EFFICIENCY and EFFECTIVENESS.


  1. Replace failing end of life equipment

  2. Install radio system improving CAPACITY, EFFICIENCY, and EFFECTIVENESS

  3. Maintain low cost of operation

  4. Infrastructure and facility life cycle management


Priority 1 - Immediately replace end of life failing equipment.

Take immediate action to replace equipment with greatest risk of failure. 

Priority 2 - Install a 4 channel radio system increasing talk CAPACITY for first responders to coordinate their response; and features providing greater radio system EFFICIENCY and EFFECTIVENESS

Priority 3 - Maintain low system operating and maintenance costs.

Priority 4 - Infrastructure and facility life cycle management.    Maintaining reliable systems with appropriate capacities requires preparation.  Planning for appropriate capacities in the dispatch center and radio infrastructure are key to operating and delivering emergency services.

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