Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if Proposition #2 for Emergency Communications does not pass?

  • We will do the best we can with the limited resources available.  It will take 2-3 years to address the end-of-life equipment but hazards such as system congestion, coverage holes and ineffectiveness of the system will NOT be resolved.  The majority of risk to the public and first responders will remain.

What will the improvements to Emergency Communications cost?

  • Vendors have provided budgetary cost estimates of about $4 million to achieve the proposed improvements.  Proposition #2 will sufficiently support this project.

Does Proposition #2 have a sunset or expiration?

  • Proposition #2 does not have an expiration.  The need for funding does not end with the initial purchase and implementation of system improvements.  The radio equipment purchased to make the proposed improvements will eventually reach end of life.  To avoid recreating today's situation planning for the future replacement of radio equipment must start at the time of purchase by setting funds aside over time as part of a financial plan.  Radio system operational and financial sustainability are primary goals of Proposition #2.

Can the funds raised by Proposition #2 be used for other than Emergency Communications?

  • No.  RCW 82.14.420 states: "Moneys received from any tax imposed under this section must be used solely for the purpose of  providing funds for costs associated with financing, design, acquisition, construction, equipping, operating, maintaining, maintaining, remodeling, repairing, reequipping, and improvement of emergency communications systems and facilities."

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